console.log(“Learning to code”)

console.log(“Learning to code”)

Go back one year and I’d just quit my job, sold everything and set off travelling – I’m still doing it now – go back a little further and you’ll spot me sitting at the dinner table starting out on the first few lessons on Codecademy’sCode Year‘ program, a years worth of online lessons aimed at taking the most un-savvy internet user into the realms of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Ruby and Python. Fast forward a year and the dust has gathered on the lesson’s I’d started and I’m no nearer to completing it.

It’s a familiar story. Many just like me have started off full of high hopes and false promises that within a year we’d all be churning out some of the best website and smartphone apps the world has ever seen, but what we didn’t factor in was life. Life gets in the way

For me it was a question of depression and unhappiness with life that led me to neglect the lessons, I was getting frustrated with work and many things about my life and I needed a way out. Travel was it, coding was not.

Time passed and the amount of time between lessons did and now a full year later I’m no closer to figuring out most of the stuff that keeps my travel website AngloItalian, Follow Us! alive. But that’s all about to change…*
* actually, it already has.

Why I’m Back On Track

Over the past 12 months of travel and blogging the entire way I’ve really developed a taste for HTML. There’s just something about it that I find interesting and darn right sexy to look at (maybe). The only drawback that I’ve found so far is not knowing enough about the language that I have to purchase a theme for the site, constantly have to ask for advice on how to customise it and use other peoples code to get the changes I want. It’s frustrating.

On top of that, as we began to approach the completion of 12 months of non-stop travel we started to hear from lots of our friends that they all we either getting married or had buns in the oven.

We’re not ready to stop right now, but that moment is going to come and I’m no fool; I know that when we do come to settle down that we’ll need an income and there’s no way in hell I’m going back to the retail life that pushed me to depression in the first place. Maybe learning HTML, CSS or any of the many other programming languages could be something I can work on? I know, it’s not easy to do, but the difference between where I was a year ago when I first looked at Codecademy and now is that I have a passion now. The idea of working with HTML, CSS and JavaScript to build great UI’s is something I feel a passionate emotion for, it’s not just a fleeting glance or a summer craze.

Where To From Here?

One of the lessons the past twelve months has 12 months has taught me is that you have to grab things with both hands if you want them and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

I’m back onto Codecademy. It’s going okay so far, at the moment I’m working through the JavaScript modules and coming up with errors left, right and centre; but it’s all part of the learning process.

I’m looking forward to progressing (once I really get the hang of things) and trying something like Code Wars or maybe trying a different schooling method like Code School or Pluralsight

My Promise

I could really go on about the reasons behind my wanting to learn to code and their connected to ideas and thoughts from my travels, but I’m going to leave that maybe for another post where I can go into more detail.

What I’m promising to myself is not only to keep on top of my training, but also to keep notes and relay my progress here for all those concerned about how things are going.

– Dale


6 thoughts on “console.log(“Learning to code”)

  1. Nothing like sharing your progress (or lack thereof) with your cyber friends to keep one accountable. May the Code be with you.

  2. Excellent work Dale. Glad to hear you’re still having a great time and looking to your long term happiness! I would say if you want any advice ask me, but it sounds like you’re likely to know more than I do before much longer! We’re moving to Australia September 18th, but our paths will meet again!

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